King Juan Carlos of Spain Top Candidate for Antichrist

--And the Reasons Why


by Douglas James Bender


In these times, like others before, many are claiming that they have identified the Antichrist. Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Gorbachev, and even Reagan are some who have been "identified" as the Antichrist. Now, however, with the apparent decrease of U.S. influence in the Middle East peace process, due to the negative relations currently between President Clinton and Yasser Arafat, a leader of the "Revived Roman Empire" (the European Union, it would seem) appears ready to fulfill the prophecy of Daniel 9:27 regarding the "'prince who is to come'" who shall "'confirm a treaty with many for one

week'" (where "one week" means "7 years").


The Bible indicates, in Daniel 7:23-25, that this "'prince who is to come'" will be the leader of, apparently, the 11th nation to join what is referred to as the "Revived Roman Empire". The European Union, given its form as a "union" of nations from the Old Roman Empire, and given its "arising" during the same generation that witnessed both Israel becoming a nation in 1948 A.D. and Israel regaining control of the holiest sites of Jerusalem in 1967 A.D., is quite likely the fulfillment of the prophecy of the "beast with 10 horns" described in

Daniel 7. The "'prince who is to come'", the Antichrist, will apparently be the ruler of the 11th nation to join this "Beast".


If the European Union is the fulfillment of the "beast with 10 horns" of Daniel 7:7, then the Antichrist will be the ruler of the 11th nation to have joined that Union. Spain was the 11th nation to join the European Union, and the current ruler of Spain is King Juan Carlos. It appears to be quite likely that King Juan Carlos of Spain is the Antichrist.


King Juan Carlos was born in Rome, Italy on January 5, 1938 A.D.. His full name is, "Juan Carlos Alfonso Victor Maria de Borbon y Borbon". His father's full name was, "Juan Carlos Teresa Silverio Alfonso de Borbon y Borbon". His father was in exile from Spain while Francisco Franco ruled Spain following Franco's overthrow of the Spanish monarchy. Juan Carlos (the son), from the age of 10, was personally trained under Franco's direction, and graduated from all three of Spain's military academies.


In 1962 A.D., Juan Carlos married Princess Sophia of Greece, and they had two daughters, and a son (Felipe). Juan Carlos was appointed Franco's successor as ruler of Spain, against the wishes of Juan Carlos' father, who still laid claim to the throne of Spain. In November of 1975 A.D., Juan Carlos became king of Spain after Franco's death. Juan Carlos is a highly respected and honored king and "statesman", having led Spain through a crisis in 1981 A.D. when some of the military sought to wrest control of Spain from the



According to Daniel 9:27, the "'prince who is to come'" (the Antichrist) shall "'confirm a treaty with many for one week'". A recent news report (Reuters - August 12, 2000 A.D.) stated that Israel is requesting that King Juan Carlos help "mediate" the current Middle East peace process between Israel and several of Israel's Arab enemies, primarily the PLO. The news report stated that those involved were hoping the planned meeting in Spain in early 2001 A.D. (or perhaps before) would "consolidate" the peace process. The term, "consolidate", is a synonym for "confirm", and means to "strengthen". What

is also interesting in regard to Spain and the Middle East peace process is that the peace process began in Madrid, Spain in 1991 A.D.. Also, see The Covenant for a copy of a document supposedly circulated among all jews in 1992.


Spain is not only deeply involved in the Middle East peace process directly, but also in several significant "indirect" ways. The Secretary-General of NATO since 1995 A.D., the person who makes the military decisions for NATO, has been Javier Solana, the former Spanish foreign minister. NATO would likely be the "military force", under the United Nations, and representing the European Union, which would "oversee" any kind of peace agreement between Israel and the Arabs.


Also, the European Union appointed a special representative to the Middle East peace process, having the title, "European Union Special Envoy to the Middle East peace process". This "EU Special Envoy" is Miguel Moratinos, the former Spanish ambassador to Israel.


Interestingly, a former ambassador to Spain, Shlomo Ben-Ami, is Israel's representative in seeking King Juan Carlos' "mediation" in the peace talks. So, there are at least three separate ways Spain is "indirectly" involved in the Middle East peace process.


Thus, King Juan Carlos, as the leader of Spain, is quite "involved", actually, in the Middle East peace process. As mentioned before, one of the primary descriptions of the Antichrist in the Bible is as the "'prince who is to come'" who shall "'confirm a treaty with many for one week'" in Daniel 9:27. King Juan Carlos, based on the evidence presented, could quite likely fulfill this prophecy by "consolidating" the Middle East peace process.


Another prophecy in the Bible regarding the Antichrist is found in Revelation 13:18, where the "Beast" is the Antichrist. Revelation 13:18 (New King James Version) says, "Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666." Revelation 13:17 identifies this "number of the beast" as the "number of his name". King Juan Carlos has versions of his name in 10 languages, each using the same numbering system (except for Latin, which uses the Roman numeral system), which each add to 666.


The languages in which King Juan Carlos has versions of his name which

add to 666 are the following: Hebrew, Greek (two ways), Latin, English,

Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and Russian. Except for

Latin, each of these versions uses the Hebrew/Greek numbering system,

which is as follows: 1,2,3,...,9;10,20,30,...,90;100,200,300,...,900. The spelling in at least two or three of the versions is questionable, though not unreasonable; and the French version is perhaps unlikely, though possible.


The English version of King Juan Carlos' name which adds to 666 is: "(John) Charles V of Spain". "John" is placed in parentheses in order to be able to "identify" him as "Charles V", the fifth king of Spain with the name, "Charles".


The version which is most likely the fulfillment of Revelation 13:18, based on several indications, is the "Scriptural" Greek version (which uses no "obsolete" Greek letters for numbers). That version is, in Spanish: "Juan Carlos de Borbon II". In "Scriptural" Greek, this becomes: "Ioann Karlos de Borbon B".


(One interesting side note: King Juan Carlos' son, Felipe, has a version of his name which adds to 666 in "Scriptural" Greek. That version is, in Spanish: "Felipe de Borbon II" [he would be, should he become king, the second Bourbon king of Spain with the name, "Philip" {"Felipe"}]. In "Scriptural" Greek, this becomes: "Feliph de Borbon B". [Prince Felipe was born in 1968 A.D..])


So, several prophecies of the Bible appear to indicate that the Antichrist will be the ruler of Spain; and Spain is rather involved in the Middle East peace process. These facts, combined with the versions of King Juan Carlos' name in 10 languages, particularly in "Scriptural" Greek, which each add to 666 using the same numbering system (except for Latin, which uses the Roman numeral system), strongly suggest that King Juan Carlos is the Antichrist. I, personally, believe that he is.



In Him,



From the 1994 book by Charles Taylor. King Juan has a sailboat named "The Dragon" Also: From the 1992 Olympics in Spain which King Juan orchestrated. /The closing spectacle at the Olympic games this past summer in Barcelona, Spain, was an exercise in demonic/pagan symbolism which ended with the mating of a Black Serpent and the Greek goddess of love and fertility, the multi-breasted Artemis who then gave birth to the "Great Dragon", the head of which rose 75 feet above the top of the stadium. The alleged theme of the pageant was the birth of the world in fire and it was represented by 250 happy devils...who began the "festival of fire". Giant wooden structures including 2 caped figures of Satan and grinning goats head, were set ablaze and constantly moved through the cavorting devils. A group of devils, one dressed in the robes of a king,danced frenziedly around a fiery maypole... Weird tones, underlaid with constant jungle drumming, were sporadically joined by eerie wails, long sighs and howling. Occult symbols were everywhere. Well represented was the Baphomet(goats head of witchcraft), the pentagram or "devils star", the maypole, which is an ancient pagan phallic symbol, and demonic faces well endowed with horns. As expected, television network commentators were "awed" by the spectacle. At times the audience joined the celebration, swaying to the demonic music with arms outstretched to heaven. King Juan once made a speech to the Argentine Republic about democracy and he said "NEVER MUST ANY IDEA OF THE STATE OR ANY MESSIANIC DELIVERER COME TO WREST FROM US OUR DIGNITY AS FREE MEN". Need I say more?


Here's what the late medium Ruth Montgomery said about King Juan in an interview in 1987, "He is going to make some very wise decisions within the next decade that will not only help prepare his people, but Europe, too. Question: Prepare for the shift? Answer: Yes. The shift refers to the great moment in history when they expect life on Mother Earth will "shift" to the Utopian Age of Aquarius when their people will take over the events of Earth, all opposition will be quelled, and there will be harmony on Earth because the opposing people(Christians and Jews and any who do not follow their Messiah Maitreya or the Space Brothers and Masters of Wisdom) will all be transferred to "another dimension". Sounds like the rapture to me!