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Brother John's Blog
Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Bible tells us that the entire town of Sodom, lusted after the Angels, visiting Lot.  This seems to include even the children, who were with the men, calling out the Angels for sex?

A pastor, I used to know, once said that, he felt, the Lord would not return, either in a Rapture or 2nd Coming, until not only sexual perversion was prevalent but even Beastiality!  Well, we may be there according to a recent article, see below:


  “I’m currently working with kids as young as eight who are watching hardcore porn in the middle of the night and getting up first thing in the morning to watch it again before school. The effects are truly devastating and will only get worse. (bold mine)

“A school counsellor and a group of parents came to me because what they found on a child’s phone wasn’t even regular sex. We’re talking necrophilia and bestiality. It had already gone that far.

“It gets dark quickly. I work with married, company bosses who spend six hours a day in porn chatrooms, those who’ve seen over 1,000 sex workers. I had a client watching porn involving roadkill – then heading out in their car in the middle of the night to act it out."

We are told, in the end-times, mankind (includes women) will do whatever evil can be thought of (paraphrasing)!  We may be there?

Lord, please, come quickly (if it is Your Will, of course?)! 

Posted by vaulterjohn at 11:08 AM CDT

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