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Prophecy News
Brother John's Blog
Sunday, 23 December 2012
World Did Not End!
Topic: Prophecy News

Well as we all know, we were not visited by Solar Flares, Aliens (not to our knowledge), or an increase in volcanos, earthquakes, wars, signs in the sky, since 12-21-12.  We didn't see a shift in people's consciousness to a more godly form, either to my knowledge?  People are debauchurous as ever with some even using the possiblity of the world end to have one last party and sexual encounter!  This is the TRUE nature of man and woman without the indwelling of God in them in the form of the Holy Spirit!

 So, we should look at God's Word to track when He will dispense His own form of wrath because of our almost total rejection of Him!  In the coming year we can MAYBE look for one of more of the following prophecies to come about, ie. Isaiah 17 (destruction of Damascus), Psalm 83 (attack on Israel by surrounding nations) or Ezkiel 38-39 (attack of Israel by Russia, Iran and surrounding Muslim nations!

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Posted by vaulterjohn at 2:12 PM CST

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 - 4:32 PM CST

Name: "arkofthecovenants"
Home Page: http://www.thearkofthecovenantdiscovered.com/

This new discovery has caused much excitement amongst many archaeologists from around the globe and causing some debate on this issue as it was previously thought that the Ark of the Covenant was permanently lost.  Of all places in the world Panama it would seem to be the most unlikely place to have discovered this ancient relic the Ark of the Covenant, however new evidence substantiates the claims that the lost Ark of the Covenant was smuggled to Mesoamerica by Malchiah using the Phoenicians and was hidden in a cave in Volcan Chiriqui in the republic of Panama. Check out their link at http://thearkofthecovenantdiscovered.com/ Chiriqui archaeological sites. 

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