HEADS UP!!! Keep your Eyes on this King!

The Unfolding Peace


Last week was a very interesting week in the scheme of the Mideast peace. That caused me to begin to speculate on just what it is we might be seeing on the road to peace in these last day leading to the Rapture.

The bottom line is that *Arafat holds the match that can light the fuse on the bomb of the Middle East explosion, that now, at this time in history, can truly start Armageddon, because of the bin Laden factor and the sane worlds declared war on terrorism.

...here's how it works: The Arab world and it's leaders hate the Hashemites, and their white masters, the US/ Britt's/Jews, after all, if it weren't for the Hashemites the Palestinian's would have a homeland but because of them the Palestinians are the ones dispossessed.

Arafat wants [and now more then ever, needs] Jordan for a Palestinian state, with it's defined borders; he always has. I say that because anything less than that will be seen and understood as him having acquiesced to his Israeli masters; not only by his people, but more importantly by the 'trouble makers' in the Arab world, now outspokenly led by Osama bin Laden. Whether he lives or dies is of no consequences anymore. Dead he's a martyr, and alive he's a threat.

And until now, the Hashemites [backed by US/Britt's] have been able to stave Arafat off and have now got him confined in a fragmented group of Bantustan like land holdings in Israel, which all of a sudden Bush/Powell are willing to declare as the State of Palestine.

And just as suddenly, Ariel Sharon [who has always advocated Jordan is Palestine] is changing his tune and beginning to embrace Shimon Peres' Gaza first policy! We have to ask why are these "about face's" happening? And of course the answer is American demands; brought about by the 9/11 attack.

Bush declared war on terrorism; 'you are either with us or against us'; and from that came the now infamous 'handing of the pen' to King Abdullah in exchange for bringing the Arabs into the coalition of 'the survival of Israel, which is what is meant by eradication of terror.

The King received his most treasured prize of all; which is the US guarantee of Hashemite survival. And when the King got that guarantee from us, Arafat went ballistic because to him that meant he would now be inescapably confined to the 'Bantustan state' in Israel and not be considered for a homeland in Jordan, which he and Sharon have always agreed on.

**And to get Sharon to change his mind on his 'Jordan is Palestine' stance the King has agreed to deliver an Arab world guarantee of 'survival for the state of Israel', sans the three dissenters and this is what we now see happening. So when does he get Iraq back, and has the deal been made for that yet? I say yes, between Bush/Powell/Blair/Queen Elizabeth and the King, the deal is agreed, but Arafat is not in on it; he can't be trusted; he [Arafat] will just be the recipient of Jordan.

Then how could he do anything but praise the King at the time of the world learning of it. AND, this is why the King will truly be seen as the peace maker and the deliverer to the Jew.

And how could anyone do anything but praise the King when the world learns of his accomplishments. Now he's gotten the approval of Queen Elizabeth for his plan of Iraq in exchange for Jordan. After all, it was the British Crown that gave the Hashemites the Palestinian homeland and Iraq in the first place.

The powers that rule the world, namely the US and Great Briton, give him his throne, and have now done so just this last weekend in England when the Queen put her seal of approval on it. That's the gold crown worn by the man on the white horse of Rev. 6.

The agreement has to be; if he delivers the Arabs endorsement of Israel's security, they'll deliver his throne in Babylon, AND IT'S DONE.

Well, all we have to do is watch for the signs of this or a scenario very close to this to begin to show up on the stage. We will never see the peace, only the prelude, and we are in the prelude big time right now. Spring and the feast of the Jews is just around the corner. If this Spring is it, we will see the dead rise in Jerusalem, so keep watching. God bless. Humbly, Your Brother in Christ Brother Sal

In Christ Jesus